Just returned from a sitting job.

Two dogs were in my care for 4 days.  They are both girls and so loveable.  Our weather in Colorado was rainy with lots of snow in certain areas.  Usually these girls go to a exercise park to let off some steam.  It couldn’t be done this past weekend too much bad weather.

The boxer has more energy than she knows what to do with.  I think she easily gets bored without having something to do.  I tried to keep them busy with bouts outside in the weather and treats.  These treats were mostly rawhide to keep her busy.

Her sidekick, a small dog that reminded me of a Shih Tzu.  She seemed happy to be near me or on top of me.  Loved to get in my face and just look.  I looked right back and definitely petted them both.  Dogs have such magic to give and want to be loved in return.

Keep your babies safe from all things that will harm them.


The Pet Nanny


I don’t know if you ever hired a pet sitter for your animals, but you should considerate.  Most pets love having someone in their homes to care for their needs.  The pet sitter stays as a family member to make sure the pet has water and food.  Dogs like to run in packs so the pet sitter while staying overnight helps the pet adjust to being without his family.

I recommend all animal lovers have someone stay with their pets because its healthier and safe.  Pets are happy in their own environments because they are comfortable.